Specialised In steel scrap Inspection

Monow International limited, is a privately owned Marine and Cargo inspection company based in the United Kingdom (UK) and was established in 2010.  We have three offices based in strategic locations around the world so that our team can cover your inspection needs on a worldwide scale. Since Monow was founded, our business has experienced continuous growth in both size and the diversity of the services that we offer and have one of the largest teams of experienced surveyors in Europe in our field.

At Monow, we are a globally recognised, independent marine surveying and commodity inspection company, covering the following commodities: base metals, non-ferrous ores and concentrates, minor and precious metals, ferro alloys, recycled scrap metal, complex materials and plastics, fuels and agricultural commodities.

Our operations network provides reliable weighing, sampling and inspection services. Our professional and technically knowledgeable team provide a dedicated, high quality service to meet the specific requirements of industry and commerce including mining companies, international traders, metal producers and refiners, the agricultural sector, banks and financial institutions, and the general public.


Risk Control

Risk Control service, which would include inspection at both load port and discharge port, in this way we would ensure your cargo is better protected. Risk control service would include an initial consultancy, investigation and technical report, which would explain to the customer our findings about loading and discharge logistics, infrastructure and weighing/sampling procedures. On subsequent shipments, inspectors will be present throughout both loading and discharge to supervise operations, detect inferior quality cargo and ensure that correct procedures are being adopted to prevent your consignment from discrepancies, contamination or damage.

Every inspector is equipped with a mobile phone so that we can inform customers immediately if there are any problems during loading or discharge procedures, Letters of Protest can be issued upon request. Digital photographs can also be taken on demand to provide visual evidence of the material's quality and cargo operations. A detailed report will be produced and sent to you by fax or email as soon as the work has been completed for final settlement purposes.

Pre-Shipment InspectionsStore Intervention
Storage & Stowage InspectionsDamage Cargo Inspections
Transportable Moisture DeterminationQuality Control
Hatch Hose TestingLoss Control
Establishing Source of Water IngressWeight Control - Quay/Weighbridge
Ullaging of ships tanks & quantity calculationsTallying & Stockpile Control
Hold Suitability for Nominated CargoCalibration of weighing Equipment
Tank Cleanliness InspectionWeighing Supervision
Temperature DeterminationSampling & Quality Sample Preparation
Supervision of Discharge/LoadingMoisture Determination
Recording of Cargo DistributionSize Determination
Control of Cargo MovementGranulometry Testing
Monitoring Cargo HandlingViscosity
Finished Product InspectionLetters of Protest

PSI Services

Pre shipment inspection services

Draft Survey/Barge GaugingOn / Off Hire Survey
Condition SurveyMarine Cargo Surveying
Tanks and Liquid Cargo SurveyGas Free Survey
Stability Calculation SurveyHull and Engine Survey
Hatch SurveyPre-shipment Survey
Performance SuveyLashing and Securing Survey
Container Inspection SurveyInaccessible Claims